Music & Rhythm

Music and rhythm have always been a part of life and they play a very important role in the developing lives of children.  From the first soothing sounds of a parent cooing as they rock a new born baby, through the gentle rhythms of lullabies and childrens songs, to the deep beat that teenagers crave, and the classical favourites that uplift and inspire us as adults, music helps to support us throughout our lives.  

But music also lives in subtle ways through the silent rhythms of movement.  It can often be overlooked how much rhythm plays as a vital role in child development. In early years, nursery songs and actions provide the foundations for literacy and numeracy and moving to rhythm builds gross motor skills and supports the healthy development of balance and coordination.  Take a look through this section and you may find some surprising inclusions that support the development of rhythm in young children.

8 Tone Xylophone
Product ID : 22-020
8 Tone Xylophone (curved)
Product ID : 22-021
Animal Flutes
Product ID : 21-052
Beggers Drum
Product ID : 22-043
Bell Baby Rattle
Product ID : 22-002
Dragons Mobile
Product ID : 22-135
Funky Fairy Mobiles
Product ID : 21-004
Garden Bugs Mobile
Product ID : 22-029
Grande Roll-A-Ball
Product ID : 21-037
Product ID : 21-159
Humming Top
Product ID : 21-239
Ladybird Finger Piano
Product ID : 22-013
Marching Drum
Product ID : 21-263
Noah's Ark Mobile
Product ID : 22-057
Ocean Mobile
Product ID : 22-136
Pecking Hens
Product ID : 22-053
Stirring Drum
Product ID : 21-139
Swinging Butterfly
Product ID : 22-116
Swinging Parrot
Product ID : 21-001
Tapping Woodpecker
Product ID : 22-133
Tumbling Clown
Product ID : 22-070
Zip Zap Racers
Product ID : 21-243

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