Our toy store has developed out of our personal quest for a gentler approach to bringing up children.  Through our personal experiences and those of our friends we have found some wonderful support from people who are leading the way towards healthy parent/child relationships and who are offering solutions for parents dedicated to supporting their children in being able to fully engage their valuable childhood years.  Here we share some of the books, audios, downloads and links that have been inspirational in the hope of supporting you on your journey with the children in your life.



Nok On Wood Lifestyle Blog
 is our own blog where we share our personal experiences, our own product reviews and lots of other snippets.  We have created a list of most of our postings HERE for your convenience.



LinkJoyful Parents offers free teleseminars and parent coaching using the work of Byron Katie.  The founder is a personal friend of ours and has been a great inspiration and support to us over the years.

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Simplicity Parenting is an approach to parenting that offers some wonderful advice and solutions to simplifying your home environment and relationships with your children to create a calmer, happier and more secure world for your children.

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