We understand that choosing toys, especially for the children of friends and relatives can sometimes be a daunting experience.  To help make it a little easier we have sub-categorised a selection of our toys and games here into age ranges.  These selections include a few items that are not featured in other categories so do have a look around. 


TIP:  When buying toys consider the child's stage of development and hold back on more complex toys until they are a little older. In our experience simple toys that tend to only be considered for young children often appeal to older children too. For example our wooden blocks have obvious appeal to toddlers, but they are very versatile for much older children who find them useful in their construction games. Too much too soon can lead to dissatisfaction and boredom in older children. Allowing children to enjoy simple toys for longer benefits their development and choosing toys with lots of versatility supports creative play activities.  

You can view all the products in our 'Search by Age' categories below, but for ease of use we suggest clicking on the sub-categories in the side bar to view them separately.

100 Building Bricks
8 Tone Xylophone
Product is out of stock
Acrobat Boy
Adhesive Blackboard
Alphabet Train
Artist's Easel
Bag of Marbles
Bang The Balloon
Beggers Drum
Blue - Angel Boy
Box of Dice
Carpenter's Tool Case
Cherry Pip Comforter
Chinese Coin Puzzle
Chinese Jump Rope
Collecting Baskets
Compass Sundial
Product is out of stock
Creative Threads
Cup & Ball
Dagger & Sheath
Dolls Highchair
Dolls Picnic Basket
Dragon Marionette
Dragons Mobile
Dress Up Bears
Dress Up Dolls
Duckling Marionette
Dustpan & Brush
Elk Marionette
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We have access to many other products that are not listed on our website so 
f you haven’t found what you are looking for please let us know - we may be able to find it for you.  

Check Availability Items:  
Some of these items are temporarily out of stock but others will have been set aside
for our shop and may still be available to purchase - please do check.